The Goskirk family are a family who have lived in the village since 2010.



Rhona Goskirk first arrived in the village briefly in 2001 and again in 2002 to work as a locum for Zoe Tate at the Vet's Surgery. She had a brief relationship with Marlon Dingle but left in December 2002


In December 2010, Rhona returned and resumed her relationship with Marlon, but soon became infatuated with college Paddy Kirk. They pursue a relationship but not long after she realises she is pregnant with Marlon's baby. They find out their baby has Downs Syndrome during a scan and on 31st May 2011, she gives birth to Leo Goskirk

On 9th August 2012, Rhona and Paddy marry but Rhona's life takes a turn for the worse when in 2013 she gets addicted to painkillers, however, she eventually recovers. In mid-2014 Leo is introduced to his half-sister April Windsor, after Marlon's ex-wife, Donna Windsor reappeared in the village. 

In early 2016, Rhona and Paddy's marriage broke down after Paddy had an affair with Leo's teaching assistant Tess Harris, who later died in a hit-and-run accident. Rhona initially restricted Paddy's access to Leo and Paddy left the village for a job in Germany. However, Paddy later returned to the village and began bonding with Leo again.

Rhona starts getting close to Tess' widow Pierce Harris, and despite warnings from her friends, the two marry on 24th April 2017. However, her happiness is short-lived when Pierce violently rapes Rhona on their wedding night. She takes him to court where he is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and ends their marriage. 

In March 2019, Rhona has a hysterectomy, meaning she can't have any more children, leading to turmoil in her current relationship with Pete Barton. In July, Pete and Rhona get engaged but shortly after breaks it off, despite still loving each other, as Pete can't give up having kids of his own one day. Not long after Rhona and Pete's relationship broke down, Rhona developed a relationship with Graham Foster


In January 2020, Graham was murdered and Rhona became obsessed with finding his killer. However, she was horrified upon discovering it was Pierce who had also taken her best friend Vanessa Woodfield captive. Rhona came face to face with Pierce in a final showdown in order to save Vanessa and her 4-year-old son Johnny. She takes him down once and for all.

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