Grace is the manager of Turnfield Court Care Home where dementia sufferer Ashley Thomas has resided since February 2017. Soon after moving into the care home, Ashley formed a close bond with fellow dementia sufferer Maggie. Grace assured Ashley's wife Laurel that it was perfectly normal as Ashley's illness had robbed him of his short to medium term memory as well as his perception of time. Ashley and Maggie began to hold hands and even kiss, so Laurel requested that Grace kept Maggie away from her husband. Laurel became worried when Ashley's daughter Gabby noticed his clothes were loose on him and he had lost weight. Grace assured Laurel that the staff hadn't noticed a problem and their records showed Ashley often cleared his plate. When Laurel found food stashed in one of Ashley's dressing gown pockets she brought the matter to the attention of Grace. Laurel told Grace not to keep Ashley and Maggie apart any longer as she realised Ashley was hoarding food as he though Maggie was being starved due to them being kept away from each other.

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