DCI Grace Barraclough, alongside her colleague DI Vikesh Dasari investigated Tom King's murder. She suspected Bob Hope, even more so after he confessed. However, it emerged that he had confessed to protect his son Jamie. She later started dating Carl King secretly, as a honeytrap. Their relationship became serious, however, if they were discovered, Barraclough could lose her job. She carried on with the relationship, but when Vikesh saw her with Carl he gave her an ultimatum; end the relationship or he would tell her boss Charles Vaughan and her career would be over (Vaughan was already angry with Barraclough for failing to get a conviction on the King case, amongst other things). Knowing what she must do, Barraclough ended the affair, even though she still loved Carl.

After Barraclough ended the affair, Carl left the village, for a brief amount of time to get over Barraclough. When Carl returned, however, he seduced Barraclough again. She tried again to end the relationship but when she learned that her mother had had a stroke, she regretted being so hard on Carl as he refused to be a shoulder to cry on. She stopped answering when he called; and later in the week, when Carl read about her mother's death in the paper, he resorted to waiting outside the police station and Barraclough's home in order to get her to speak to him. It finally worked, but she confessed that the first time they had had a drink together, she had followed him and was trying to trap him for information about the murder of Carl's father. Barraclough and Carl worked through their issues and their relationship was back on track. Barraclough was killed after being hit by a lorry shortly after Carl admitted to her that he had killed his father. Carl didn't attend her funeral but laid flowers at her grave later on. It was supposed that Carl's brother Matthew had ordered her death.

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