Granny Clegg is the mother of Barry Clegg and ex mother-in-law of Lisa Dingle. Lisa often visits Granny Clegg with her daughter Belle and they often bring back bottles of homemade cordials, made from whatever Granny Clegg could find.

In August 2015, Belle Dingle and Kirin Kotecha decided to go into business together, getting Granny Clegg to make the cordials and give them the recipe to make more money. They make the drinks at Sharma & Sharma where Belle works, and had an event there where Laurel Dingle dressed up as a bee. Zak Dingle wanted a big share of the profits because of the family recipe, but after discovering Granny Clegg wasn't an actual blood relative, Kirin told Zak he would have a 1% share, because he wouldn't want to 'rip off his own daughter'. Belle goes to visit Clegg on 17th July 2018 after being injured

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