Granny Clegg's Cordials is a soft drinks business step up by Kirin Kotecha and Belle Dingle in August 2015. Belle and Kirin came up with the idea when Belle's mother Lisa Dingle came home from Granny Clegg's house with bags full of her homemade cordials. Kirin saw the potential for the business after tasting the cordials so Belle got some of Granny Clegg's recipes and they began producing the cordials at the factory. They launched the cordials at the factory in September 2015. During the launch Jai Sharma pushed Kirin's father Rakesh Kotecha who then accidentally fell into pregnant Vanessa Woodfield. A few hours later, she went into premature labour and the following day Vanessa gave birth 14 weeks prematurely.


  • Elderflower and Honey Cordial

Promotional CampaignsEdit

In September 2015, Belle came up with the slogan 'Lost your bottle? You need to Gran up!' to go on the posters. Laurel Dingle also dressed up as a bee at one of the launch events, a nod to Laurel's first scene in Emmerdale.


Date Share
2015- Kirin Kotecha Belle Dingle Zak and Lisa Dingle
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