Greg Doland was the husband of Melanie Doland and father of Jake Doland and Daniel Thomas.

Greg's first wife died which left him a single father to their son Jake. Greg then met and married Melanie Doland and she fell pregnant. Whilst Melanie was in hospital after giving birth, the Doland's son was switched with Laurel and Ashley Thomas son. Greg and Melanie brought home the Thomases son and named him Arthur and the Thomases took home the Doland's son and named him Daniel. Greg and Melanie moved into a caravan with baby Arthur whilst Greg rebuilt Tenant's Cottage for the family to live in.

In February 2008, baby Daniel died of cot death. Daniel's postmortem showed that the Thomas could not be Daniel's biological parents. Just as Greg, Melanie, and Arthur were about to go on holiday to Spain the Thomases revealed that there is a strong possibility that Arthur was their biological son as he was the only other boy born on the same day. A DNA test revealed that Arthur was the Thomases son and Ashley filed for custody of baby Arthur. In June 2008 a judge deemed that Laurel and Ashley were Arthur's parents and they are given 24 hours to hand baby Arthur over to Ashley and Laurel. The following month, Greg and Melanie move to Spain to run a bar. A year later Jake joins them.

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