Harry John Sugden is the son of Victoria Sugden and her rapist Lee Posner.


2019-: Conception, birth and early life

Harry was not conceived under the happiest circumstances as he was the result of his father Lee brutally raping Victoria on a night out in April 2019. Despite this, Victoria decided to keep the baby but feared he would grow up and be like his father. However, after holding her newborn son for the first time, Victoria fell in love with him.

After Harry's birth, his grandmother Wendy Posner was desperate to meet him although Victoria was apprehensive due to her refusal to see Lee for the man he was and insistence that Victoria was lying. In February 2020, Victoria grew close to Harry's uncle Luke Posner and started letting him babysit Harry, much to Wendy's delight. She eventually even let Wendy look after Harry and the four of them grew quite close. 

On 23rd March 2020, Harry was christened in a joint ceremony with Eve Dingle and Theo Metcalfe.

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