Hathersage Farm was a farm located in Beckindale. After Jack Hathersage died in 1979, his nephew Ed Hathersage arrives in the village from the USA to oversee the sale of the farm.

While laying a wreath on his uncle's grave, he bumps into Donald Hinton. Revealing his intentions to sell the farm, local farmer Joe Sugden declares his interest in buying the farm. His brother Jack Sugden and grandfather Sam Pearson regularly expressed their concern over the idea of expanding their own farm. Eventually, even his own mother starts to lose interest. Other interested parties included NY Estates and Joe's former brother-in-law Matt Skilbeck and his wife Dolly Skilbeck. The sale of the farm was split into two lots.

Whilst in the village, Ed gathers interest in learning about his family's roots. He speaks to village elder Sam but eventually vicar Donald Hinton helps him by directing him to the church records, which went back to the early 18th century. Separating from his wife made him even more determined to trace his roots. Ed discovers that Geoff Atwill is a distant relative of his and, along with Henry Wilks, they decide to buy the first lot of the farm together. The remaining 50 acres of land are sold to Emmerdale Farm. Ed, Geoff and Henry had a plan to turn the farm into a living farm museum, with Geoff staying in the farmhouse full-time.

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