Hawksford Outdoor Pursuits (HOP for short) is an outdoor pursuits centre located on the former grounds of the Sharma & Sharma sweets factory. It is owned by Kim Tate, Jai Sharma and Al Chapman.


After the devastating fire at the factory in August 2019, the Sharmas were forced to sell a big share of their business to businesswoman Kim Tate. resulting in Kim and Jai owning a 49.5% share each and the remaining 1% belonging to Nicola King. However, Kim approached Nicola with an offer she could not resist and managed to convince her to sell her share to Kim's business partner, Al Chapman. Together Kim and Al owned the majority share and could overrule Jai and every decision. They decided to instead of rebuilding the factory, completely demolish it and build an outdoors pursuit centre. Jai had no choice but to play along and the new centre finally had its official opening on 20th January 2020

In the wake of their first disastrious opening, ending in the murder of Graham Foster on their premises, the team started working to make HOP a success and expanded their ideas on a resturant and getting more investors. As Jai went to rehab in in late January, his sister Priya Kotecha took over the reigns to make sure Kim and Al didn't walk all over him in his abstinence. Once he returned she continued to work there alongside him. In May 2020, Victoria Sugden was hired to be the head chef.

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