Hawthorn Cottage (previously Jameson's Farm, renamed Emmerdale Farm II) was a cottage south of Emmerdale Farm land.

In January 1973, owner Harry Jameson decided to sell the farmhouse ahead of his retirement. Jack Sugden and Henry Wilks entered a bidding war for the property which Henry eventually won. At the same time, Jack decided to split Emmerdale Farm equally between his mother, Annie Sugden, his siblings, Peggy Skilbeck and Joe Sugden, and his grandfather, Sam Pearson. Sam didn't want his share and decided to sell it to Henry for £500 and in turn Hawthorn Cottage became property of Emmerdale Farm Ltd.

In April 1973, Peggy and her husband Matt moved into the the property with their newborn twins Sam and Sally. After Peggy's sudden death in July, Matt at the twins moved back to Emmerdale Farm.

In September 1974, newlyweds Joe and Christine Sugden moved into the property. Joe and Christine's marriage was over within weeks and Christine moved out again in October. In 1977, the cottage was sold. Joe later meets and goes on a date with Lesley, whose grandparents owned the cottage. At some point, farmer Bob Thorley moved into Hawthorn Cottage.

In March 1993, Bob approached auctioneer Eric Pollard about selling his dairy herd as he had decided to give up farming. Knowing Jack Sugden and his partner, Sarah Connolly were looking for a new home after vacating Emmerdale Farm due to subsidence, Eric asked Bob if he would consider selling the house too. Eric hoped to broker a deal between Bob and Jack and Sarah in return for 1% commission but neither Bob nor Jack were interested in using Eric as a go between. Jack made Bob an offer and he accepted. The sale was complete in April and Jack, Sarah and Jack's son Robert moved in along with Joe.

The Sugdens set up a bunk house at the farm for some extra money. It was through the bunk house that they met troublesome ten-year-old, Andy Hopwood, in the Summer if 1996. Soon Jack and Sarah began fostering Andy and he too moved into the house. Not long after, Jack and Sarah decided to sell the farm to Frank Tate to make way for his new quarry. The family moved out on 2nd January 1997 and temporarily moved into a caravan until Melby Farm was ready.


Past residents

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