Hazel Rhodes (formerly Walsh) is the mother of Jackson Walsh.


In August 2010, Hazel unexpectedly turns up at her son Jackson's home in Emmerdale Village, and she quickly clashes with Jackson's boyfriend Aaron Livesy. After she floods Jackson's flat, Paddy Kirk invites Jackson and Hazel to stay with him and Aaron at Smithy Cottage.

As time goes on, Hazel and Aaron begin to get along, especially in October 2010, when Jackson is almost killed in a van collision with a train, and instead is left paralysed from the neck down.

Hazel starts settling into village life well; she starts an art class for the villagers and becomes friends with local post office/café owner Bob Hope. In January 2011, Hazel assists in relief efforts when a fire spreads through the village, and she gives Bob a shoulder to cry on when his wife Viv and best mate Terry are both killed. Hazel realises that she and Aaron can't always be around to look after Jackson, so she hires Joe Chappell to care for him. However, this only makes Jackson feel even more bitter about his present life, so Hazel introduces him to a fellow quadriplegic named Steve Kelly, whose wife Annie is pregnant. They try to show Jackson that life as a quadriplegic doesn't have to be so bad.

However, in March 2011, Hazel and Aaron discover that Jackson has a video diary, and are knocked for six when they discover that Jackson wants to die. Hazel decides to organise a bucket list for Jackson to lift his spirits up. This includes a trip to Whitby and a skydiving session. Unfortunately, this isn't enough to change Jackson's mind, as he remains adamant about wanting to die. Hazel reluctantly agrees to help Jackson die, as does Aaron, so in the lead-up to the suicide, she sacks Joe, and she and Aaron concoct lethal cocktails for when Jackson wishes for the assisted suicide to occur.

This time comes in June 2011. However, Hazel is unable to put the cocktail to Jackson's lips, so Aaron does so, and Hazel breaks down in tears as Jackson dies. Hazel grieves for Jackson. In January 2012, Hazel decided to move on from the village. She invited Aaron to go with her but he decided to stay. They hugged in the cemetery at Jackson's grave, said goodbye and then Hazel walked away.


"It's absolutely gorgeous round here!" (First line, to Jackson Walsh)

"You look after yourself, yeah?" (Final line, to Aaron Livesy).

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