Heathcliff "Heath" Hope is the son of Bob and Viv Hope as well as twin brother of Cathy, who is the older of the twins. Heath alongside Cathy, live with their father's wife Brenda Hope after Bob cheated on her.

Since Bob and Viv's remarriage in 2006 they had wanted a child. But plans changed when Bob did not want another child because his daughter Dawn Hope died in a show home explosion and on the day of Dawn's funeral, Viv collapses and was found by her daughter Donna Windsor-Dingle. At the doctors they reveal Viv was pregnant, Donna later tells her half brother and Viv's son Scott Windsor, then Donna tells her husband Marlon Dingle and Scott tells Dawn's ex husband Terry Woods. Both Scott and Terry had to tell Bob, his ex wife Jean Hope with Terry's and Dawn's son TJ Woods inside. Viv was ready to have an abortion when Bob, Jean, Scott and Donna stopped her. Heath and twin-sister Cathy are born on 9th February 2007 in a shed on the moors, hence their names, delivered by village veterinarian Paddy Kirk. Cathy is the oldest of the twins.

They are baptised in May 2007, with nine godparents; Terry, Donna, Donna's husband Marlon Dingle, Paddy, Paddy's ex-wife Emily Kirk, Bob's two children Jamie Hope and Roxy Lockhart, Bob's brother Eddie Hope and Viv's step daughter Kelly Windsor. In July 2007, they are entered in a "Cute Kids" competition, which Heath wins.

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