Hetty the Camper van is Dan Spencer's beloved vehicle.

In 2012, Carl King failed to seduce Chas Dingle in Hettie, shortly before Chas hitting him with a brick, having thought to have killed him, when it was actually Cameron Murray who came after to finish him off.

In May 2013, Dan Spencer lets Kerry Wyatt spend a few nights in Hettie following her break-up with boyfriend Andy Sugden.

In June 2013, Thomas King and Belle Dingle ran away in Hettie after wanting to start a life together, but later takes belle back to the village, wanting to do the right thing. The police later found Hettie at the airport with Thomas gone back to Saudi Arabia and refusing to speak to anyone.

In July 2013, Bob Hope and Dan Spencer take Bob's partner Brenda Walker in Hettie to Ilkley, where Bob proposes to her.

In November 2013, Kerry takes daughter Amy Wyatt and her son Kyle to the dock, before Amy decides to go to Ireland on her own, making a tearful farewell to her mother and son.

When Daz Spencer returned to the village in August 2017, he was allowed to live in Hettie, albeit reluctantly and following complaining from Kerry and Amelia, by Dan, until he got back on his feet following three years of being homeless.

In September 2019, Dan lent Hettie to his co-worker Will Taylor to use when he wanted to take out his secret girlfriend, vicar Harriet Finch without being interupted. However, when Dan found Harriet's cross necklace in the back he figured out their secret but promised to keep it to himself. 

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