Debbie waits in the getaway car while Chas and Charlie enter the club. The plan is that the alarm will go off and Chas will make her escape, but Charlie will be arrested. Things go horribly wrong when Charlie reveals he has a gun and holds the bar manager hostage. Chas escapes with Debbie but has the contents of the safe with her. Charlie turns up in the village and demands they hand it over but Mrs MacFarlane arrives with a heavy and tells him to clear off or he's a dead man. Meanwhile, Jo is unable to make Andy's appeal hearing after menaces from Charlie. Andy is disturbed when Jo is a no show but he leaves a free man. Jo is delighted when a relieved and happy Andy returns home. Sandy organises a tea party for the family, but he's concerned when Laurel refuses to join in. Ashley learns that Sandy has decided to stay in Emmerdale to support him. He tells Sandy to follow his dream and go to India. Laurel puts on a brave face and encourages him to go and Sandy says a tearful farewell. Also, Belle comforts a grieving Shadrach; Shane tries it on with Donna at Ross's party.


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