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Holdgate Farm is the current residence of Rishi and Manpreet Sharma, Rishi's children, Jai and Priya,as well as Priya's young daughter, Amba and Jai's son Archie. The property is located about half a mile from Emmerdale village and is next door to Wishing Well Cottage.


Holdgate Farm was built and owned by Mr Holdgate until his death in September 1995. Later, the Glover family lived there until 1998 and it remained vacant until the Reynolds family moved in the following year.

In 2003 the Marsden family moved in, but left later the same year. The property was then bought by the King family in 2004, who lived there until they bought Home Farm in 2005, which they had to repair after it was blown up by Zoe Tate. It remained vacant until the De Souzas purchased it in 2007.

It was sold to the Sharmas in 2009, who live in it to this day.