Holey Scrap is a scrap business set up by Aaron Dingle and Adam Barton in early 2015.

Robert Sugden invested in the business as an excuse to see Aaron more often and continue their affair. The scrap site is behind Wishing Well Cottage and Pollard's Barn. Eric Pollard was not happy with the scrap site being behind his house, but Aaron and Adam give him £10,000 and 5% of the business to stop him reporting them to the council. In February 2015, Emma Barton took a sign on a car to scrap and placed it on a customer's car. As a result, Aaron scrapped the wrong car and the boys had to pay out £2,000 in compensation to the cars owners Mr and Mrs Briggs.

The scrapyard's port-a-kabin doubles as the Home James Haulage office. Lawrence White persuaded Aaron to enter the Lawrence White Business Enterprise Awards as he believed Holey Scrap could win, which they did.

In August 2015, while Adam Barton was sleeping in his car after drinking, Robert and his wife Chrissie Sugden had an argument about their marriage and impending divorce. Chrissie tried to force him to sign some papers, but he didn't, so she poured petrol all over his car and set it alight. They believed they had put out the fire but it spread to some gas canisters which Chrissie and Robert didn't see. A helicopter that Pete Barton had hired for his wedding was flying past when the gas canisters flew up into the air, causing the helicopter to crash into the Village Hall, where the reception was taking place. This caused Aaron and Adam to be out of work for months.

In January 2016, whilst attempting to leave the village after learning his parents Gordon Livesy and Chas Dingle were getting back together, Aaron collapsed in the scrapyard in front of Robert who took him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with septis as a result of a self harming cut. The following month, Robert helped out at the scrapyard whilst Aaron was out of the country after confessing to traumatic events from his childhood. When Aaron returns, Robert continued to help out at the scrapyard.


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