Home Fields was a site owned by Home Farm that Declan Macey used for 'glamping' in 2013, which attracted many holidaymakers. It was also where Cameron Murray buried Alex Moss. One of the workmen unearthed Alex's remains but was paid by Declan to keep quiet, as it would be bad for business. Declan's wife Katie Sugden, along with the worker, went to the police and told them.

During an event for dementia, Rebecca White arrives in the village by a helicopter. This ruined Ashley Thomas' speech at the event.

Priya Kotecha advised Joe Tate to turn the glamping grounds into an area for events, unaware Lachlan White was holding Rebecca captive in one of the huts. In one of the huts, Priya found writing "Lachlan is a ki-" (with the rest being scratched out), and after the hut was deliberately burnt down, suspected it had said "Lachlan is a killer".

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