Ian Chamberlain was a man who had a brief affair with Val Pollard whilst she was in Portugal in 2013. The man arrived in Emmerdale in early 2014 to inform Val that he had contracted HIV from another girl whom he had also slept with in Portugal and feared that he may have passed it on to her. He later confessed to Val that he needed her to have a test as his wife, who had tested as negative, had left him and was forbidding him to see his children until she knew about Val's results. Ian returned to the village later in the month, wanting news of Val's results. She lied to Ian stating she was all clear and told him to keep away from her from now on. She later went back on this however, when she rang and arranged to meet him several days later panicking that she may have given Eric Pollard HIV. Ian told Val that his family still weren't speaking to him, though one of his daughter's was sending letters and he had been made redundant from his job and was now giving motivational speeches for a living.

Ian was never credited with a surname.

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