Incidental music, which has been used in Emmerdale since 1997, is a piece of music played over a scene. In this case, it is mostly used to play over scenes of different characters in all their predicaments. There have been 64 known uses of incidental music in Emmerdale.

Episodes with incidental music

Music Episode Circumstances
Unknown Episode 1893 (9th August 1994) Ominous music plays as Ben Dingle asks Rachel Hughes for directions
2001: A Space Odyssey theme by Alex North Episode 2169 (20th February 1997) Barry Clegg's rocket is revealed to the Dingles.
Unknown Episode 3315 (22nd November 2002) Tense music plays as Angie Reynolds and Adrien Collins are involved in a fatal car accident
Angel by Massive Attack Episode 3623/3624 (1st January 2004) Aftermath of the thunderstorm.
Teardrop by Massive Attack Episode 3623/3624 (1st January 2004) Tricia being flown to hospital in a helicopter.
Warning Sign by Coldplay Episode 3623/3624 (1st January 2004) Tricia reads Marlon's letter/Marlon is told Tricia is in a serious condition.
Happy New Year by Arco Episode 3625 (2nd January 2004) Marlon pleads with Tricia to wake up/Tricia goes into cardiac arrest
Bell, Book and Candle by Boo Hewerdine Episode 3630 (8th January 2004) Marlon makes the decision to switch off Tricia's life support machine.
If You're Not the One  by Daniel Bedingfield Episode 3664 (17th February 2004) Andy Sugden and Katie Addyman's wedding.
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Dusty Springfield Episode 3822 (19th August 2004) Diane Sugden gets into a cable car as Rodney tells Jack and Val she has cancer.
Unknown Episode 3895 (12th November 2004) Tense music is used as Steph Stokes drives her father Alan to the edge of a quarry.
Goodbye My Lover by James BluntEpisode 4047 (11th May 2005)Katie leaves the village.
Butterflies & Hurricanes by MuseEpisode 4159/4160 (22nd September 2005)The first scene of the episode
Apocalypse Please by Muse Episode 4159/4160 (22nd September 2005) Home Farm is blown up as Zoe watches on.
Feeling a Moment by FeederEpisode 4302 (6th March 2006)Carl King and Alice Wilson take part in a wing walk.
Easy Come Easy Go by Rob EllisEpisode 4425 (31st July 2006)Alice passes away/Sam reveals to Zak and Lisa that he helped Alice die.
In Your World by Muse Episode 4470/4471 (21st September 2006) Cain blows up a car, and again when he drives into the quarry.
Music to Watch Girls By by Andy Williams Episode 4470/4471 (21st September 2006) Cain is chased by a police helicopter.
Theme For a Dangerous Lady by Rob Ellis Episode 4514 (10th November 2006) Adam Forsythe and Steph Stokes's trial.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Katherine JenkinsEpisode 4555 (26th December 2006)Various suspects are shown in their respective situations, following Tom King's murder.
Runaway by Rob Ellis Episode 4587/4588 (1st February 2007) Billy Hopwood and Victoria Sugden's van drives into the lake.

by The Kinks

Episode 4728 (13th July 2007) The Memorial Service held a year on from the House Collapse
Chapel of Love by The Dixie Cups (covered by Elton John) Episode 4800/4801 (9th October 2007) The opening scenes of the episode with Donna Windsor-Dingle and Kelly Windsor preparing for the wedding and Jimmy leaving a glass of champagne at Tom's grave.
9 Crimes

by Damien Rice (feat. Lisa Hannigan)

Episode 4806/4807 (16th October 2007) The Sugden Family in Disarray as the Episode begins.
Mad World by Gary JulesEpisode 4809 (18th October 2007)
Unknown Episode 4835 (18th November 2007) A piano piece is played over the episode's opening montage.
Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens Episode 4868/4869 (25th December 2007) Various characters are shown in their respective situations, culminating in Matthew King returning to the village after being released from prison.
My Skin by Natalie Merchant Death Becomes Her (1st January 2008) Used at the beginning of the episode.
All Things Bright and Beautiful Ashes to Ashes (6th March 2008) The morning of Daniel Thomas' funeral; the Thomases at home; Jasmine picking Sandy up; Edna Birch crying to herself in church while cleaning.
Why by Annie Lennox Boiling Point (25th March 2008) Used as the end music.
Don't Let Go by Tom Baxter Denial (13th May 2008) Used at the beginning and end of the episode.
Angel by Sarah McLachlan Episode 5006 (6th June 2008) The Thomases and Dolands return from Arthur' custody hearing.
Singing You Through by Heather Nova Episode 5006 (6th June 2008) Used at the end of the episode.
Unknown Episode 5052 (31st July 2008) A piano piece plays as Paul Lambert reads Jonny Foster's goodbye letter
Harder and Harder by The Zutons Episode 5053 (1st August 2008) Daz Eden and Jake Doland go joyriding in the King's van.
War by Edwin Starr Episode 5101 (26th September 2008) Eric and Val Pollard, Fergal Oldfield and Leyla Harding are ambushed while paintballing.
10 Preludes, Op. 23: No. 2 in B-Flat Major: Maestoso by Eldar Nebolsin Episode 5147 (19th November 2008) The camera circles around Donald's dead body.
Unknown Episode 5159 (3rd December 2008) The aftermath of Shane's murder and the Dingles arriving at the MacFarlanes and the final scene when Debbie and Jasmine decide what to do with Shane's body.
Do You Realise? by The Flaming Lips Episode 5169/5170 (16th December 2008) Matthew dies of his injuries.
A sombre version of Silent Night Episode 5177 (24th December 2008) Shows the body bag under the lake in which Shane Doyle is in.
Oh Holy Night by The Choirboys Episode 5178/5179 (25th December 2008) Various characters are shown in their respective situations, with Daz trying to revive Victoria, Debbie and Jasmine giving each other Christmas presents and ending with Daz and Victoria being taken away in an ambulance.
My Immortal by Evanescence Episode 5188/5189 (6th January 2009) Jimmy tearfully fills in Matthew's grave, watched by Anna as she is driven out of the village, and when Ross is charged with Shane's murder. The song also plays on the stereo during Debbie's conversation with Jasmine about Shane.
Say After Me by Bic Runga Episode 5210 (30th January 2009) Donna Windsor-Dingle leaves the village.
Imagine by John Lennon Episode 5218/5219 (10th February 2009) The Sugdens walk away from Jack's grave and as Diane turns to look back, she sees a vision of Jack.
Hometown Glory by Adele Episode 5255 (26th March 2009) Debbie sits outside The Woolpack, tearfully holding Jasmine's ring.
Run by Leona Lewis Episode 5258/5259 (31st March 2009) Carl and Lexi marry and celebrations continue outside of the church.
O Come All Ye Faithful by Unknown Episode 5488/5489 (25th December 2009) Characters on Christmas morning.
Last Christmas by Scala & Kolacny brothers Episode 5488/5489 (25th December 2009) Various characters are shown in their respective circumstances, ending with Charity proposing to Cain.
Give Me Strength by Snow Patrol Episode 5664 (23rd July 2010) Shadrach collapses into the river and Marlon and Rhona find him.
Fairytale of New York by The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl Episode 5799/5800 (25th December 2010) Chas walks out of Mill Cottage with a bag in hand. It was also played on a stereo in the scene prior when Aaron gives Jackson a T-shirt.
The Power of Love by Slow Moving Millie Episode 6115/6116 (25th December 2011) Various characters are shown in their respective situations, such as Cain in hospital shaving his hair off and John finding a present from his estranged wife Moira.
Mad World by Gary Jules Episode 6431 (25th December 2012) Characters on Christmas morning.
The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood Episode 6431 (25th December 2012) Cameron Murray burying Alex Moss's body in the woods.
One and Only by Adele Episode 6633 (15th August 2013) Nikhil Sharma breaks down at Gennie Walker's grave.
Hold Back the River by James Bay Episode 7199 (3rd June 2015) David, Alicia and Jacob leave.
Heaven Can Wait by

Meat Loaf

Episode 7278/7279 (1st September 2015) Val Pollard's funeral/Eric Pollard running in a field and breaking down.
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by The Shirelles Episode 7642 (14th October 2016) Three groups of characters (Laurel and Ashley Thomas, Aaron Dingle, Rhona Goskirk, Pierce Harris, Marlon Dingle, Leo Goskirk, Carly Hope and Robert Sugden, and Emma and James Barton) are shown in their respective circumstances before an eventful week. It was also heard in the Woolpack kitchen when Victoria is talking to Robert.
Unknown Episode 7647 (20th October 2016) People are unconscious in their crashed cars/Ashley regans consciousness
All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey Episode 7704/7705 (25th December 2016) Characters on Christmas morning
Last Christmas by Wham! Episode 7704/7705 (25th December 2016) Characters during Christmas dinner.
Flower by Kylie Minogue Episode 7960/7961 (12th October 2017) Finn's funeral/A montage of the suspects in Emma's murder
Make You Feel My Love by Adele Episode 8077/8078 (22nd February 2018) Robert and Aaron walk down Main Street at night whilst holding hands.
Rise Up by Andra Day Episode 8413 (8th March 2019) Charity arriving at Lisa's cottage; Chas laying flowers at Grace's grave; Moira returning to the farm; Rhona packing her bag for hospital; and April checking her face in the mirror.
God Only Knows by The Beach Boys Episode 8577 (26th August 2019) On the day of Frank's funeral, Megan contemplates her future without him; Vanessa prepares for the funeral outside the church with Harriet and Charity; Kerry and Amy wallow in their guilt & Tracy sits in the memorial garden holding Megan's engagement ring from Frank.
These Boots Are Made for Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra Episode 8632/8633 (29th October 2019) Charity Dingle, disguised as "Red", arrives in the casino.
Hocus Pocus by Focus Episode 8632/8633 (29th October 2019) Mandy, Vinny and Charity drive away from the casino.
(Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult Episodes 8709-8713 (20-23rd January 2020) Graham Foster puts a cassette into his car as he heads to work.
Unknown Episodes 8709-8713 (20-23rd January 2020) 8709: Kim sits by the fireplace, worried about the living status of Graham.
8710: Jai, having been high all day, collapses outside of his house with bloody knuckles.
8711: Charity and Ryan stand on the bridge saying "no regrets", contemplating what they've done.
8712: Jamie sits in his car, tearful; a bloodied Andrea walks through the woods crying.
8713: Marlon enters the woods in search of Graham; his killer is revealed.
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