Inglebrook House was the home of Henry and Marian Wilks from 1972 to 1973. Prior to Henry buying the house in 1972, a family called Pickersgill lived there. When Henry bought the house, he demanded rights to use a right of way over Emmerdale Farm land to and from Inglebrook. Henry felt the main entrance to Inglebrook land was on a corner near the main road, so was not very safe. Henry wanted to use another right of way to Inglebrook land which he felt was safer. This right of way went over Emmerdale land. He even seeked legal advice. It transpired that there was a public right of way through Inglebrook land, so Henry did not pursue the case any further. Marian moved away from Beckindale in 1973, leaving Henry living there alone. One night in early 1973, Henry left a coal fire burning in the house while he was absent. An ember from the fire fell onto the carpet, and the fire soon gutted the house. Henry decided not to have the house rebuilt. He moved in with Amos Brearly at The Woolpack. In January 1974, Joe Sugden chased off some children playing in the ruins. Joe suggested the ruins be demolished and the land tacked onto Emmerdale Farm land. Henry told Joe that he himself decides what happens to the land.

The location of Inglebrook House was South of Emmerdale Farm, with one of the gateways from the house leading onto Hotten Road.

In May 1988, Henry mentioned how Inglebrook burned down.


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