Isaac Nuttall is the former boyfriend of Matty Barton from before he transitioned to male and was called Hannah

Isaac first appears in August 2010, to meet with Hannah who has a crush on him. They later start a relationship but Hannah feels uneasy as Issac has had previous sexual experience and she hasn't. In October, as Isaac flirts with Gemma Payne at Victoria's party, Hannah starts feeling under pressure to sleep with him and leads Isaac to one of the bedrooms. However, she panics when Isaac tells her there was an accident with the protection, and she runs out, embarrassed. In late October, Hannah brings her sister Holly along to meet Isaac. However, when Hannah notices Holly start slipping away to buy drugs, she chases after her, which causes Isaac to break up with her. 

Isaac returns on New Year's Eve 2018, unaware that Hannah is now Matty. Isaac runs into Matty and realises it's "Hannah". His friends then circle Matty as Isaac "confronts" him. Matty's friends stand up for him and get Isaac to leave. However, later as the villagers watch the fireworks, Matty is again approached by Isaac and his gang. They attack him and lift up his shirt, revealing his binder. Matty is mortified to see everyone is watching and runs off. The next day, Isaac is confronted by Matty's stepdad, Cain Dingle who slams him against a garage door. He goes to punch him but freezes and threatens him. Isaac and his friends goad Cain and stop him from getting into his car. They then beat him up and leaves him. 

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