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Jacobs Fold is a cottage on Church Lane in Emmerdale, part of the Home Farm Estate. It is currently the home of Charity Dingle, her son Moses, her granddaughter Sarah Sugden, and her boyfriend Mackenzie Boyd


Originally the cottage was a holiday home for an unknown private owner. In July 2001, Danny Daggert suggested to his mother Cynthia that they squat at Jacobs Fold until they could find somewhere more permanent to live. Cynthia agreed, and the family moved in. Towards the end of the year, the family are threatened with eviction when an estate agent reveals the cottage is going up for sale. A mystery new owner (later revealed to be Ray Mullan) comes to the rescue and offers Cynthia the tenancy.

Pearl Ladderbanks was a resident for many years and it was originally owned by Eric Pollard. In late July 2007, Pearl along with Duke Woods, threw stones at Jacobs Fold and smashed a window when Eric refused to pay Pearl her wages. Eric called the police and Pearl and Duke were arrested. At some point, Pearl bought the property from Eric. 

In March 2015, when she found herself in great debt after her gambling spiralled out of control Pearl sold the house back to Eric in order to pay off debt. Eric soon rented the house to Kirin Kotecha for a few months but threw him out after he broke their rental agreement. 

It stood mostly vacant until October 2017 when the house was purchased at auction for £350,000 in by Joe Tate, going under the alias of Tom Waterhouse. He purchased the property to let his girlfriend Debbie Dingle move in along with her children, Sarah and Jack. In January the following year, Debbie found out about Tom's real identity and got evicted. As revenge, she and her mother Charity Dingle thrashed the house when they saw a real estate agent erecting a "To Let" sign. Charity even went as far as taking a dump in the house and writing an "i" in the middle of the sign so that it read "Toilet".

Less than six months later, Joe agreed to sell the property to Debbie for £300,000 but the paperwork was never finalized and it was soon revealed that Joe's former step-gran, Kim Tate actually owned the property so Debbie and her children were evicted by Kim's right hand Graham Foster in October 2018.

In January 2019, Debbie and her kids moved back in after she blackmailed Graham over his part in Joe’s presumed death. However, in August Debbie and Jack decided to move to Scotland, while Sarah wanted to stay behind. Subsequently, Debbie gave the place to Charity and her fiancee Vanessa Woodfield to stay in and look after Sarah, and they moved in along with their children Noah, Moses and Johnny.

In 2020, while Charity, Vanessa, Sarah and their children stay with Debbie in Scotland during the lockdown, Marlon Dingle and Ellis Chapman stayed at Jacobs Fold for short time after the pipe expose in Marlon's house. Ellis invited his father Al Chapman to stay with him but Marlon who wasn't happy about Al staying with them.

In the aftermath of her cancer treatment, Vanessa decided to stay with her mum for a bit, however, she and Johnny permanently moved out after she found out that Charity had kissed Mackenzie Boyd. After she and Vanessa's split, Charity became neglectful of the kids and decided to leave Moses with his father in Liverpool and due to her drunken behaviour Noah and Sarah decided to move in with Cain and Moira at Butlers Farm. In the new year Charity persuaded the two teenagers to come home, however, when Debbie found out that Charity made a pass at her boyfriend Al, she forced her to move out and let Belle Dingle move in to look after the kids instead.

After Belle suffered from pneumonia in January 2022, the Dingles decided it was best that she moved back into Wishing Well Cottage to recover, and Charity moved back in with Moses who had permanently moved back to the village. In April 2022, Charity's now-boyfriend Mackenzie Boyd moved in. In May, Noah moves out and goes to live with the other Dingles at Wishing Well Cottage in anger after Charity reports him to the police for stalking and harassing Chloe Harris


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