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James Bonfils was a local headmaster between 1974 and 1975. He briefly stayed at Emmerdale Farm with the Sugdens. In 1974, James became friendly with Kathy Gimbel and this lead to some gossip. In March 1975, James became friendly with 17 year old Rosemary Kendall but Rosemary was reminded by Joe Sugden that James is twice her age. At the same time, Sam Pearson was a bit sick of James lodging with them at Emmerdale so managed to find James a vacant house he may like to move in to. In April 1975, James said he has settled into his new cottage. He had just bought the cottage and installed a new bathroom. He said he was staying in Beckindale.

Background information

Whatever happened to James after 1975 is uncertain but it appears that he had left Beckindale by 1978 as he was no longer the headmaster of the school by then. In May that year, Antony Moeketsi took over as a stand in teacher but there was no mention of James Bonfils still being head teacher, or even working there.

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