PC James Pierce is a police officer who often attends calls in the village.

Pierce questions Rodney Blackstock in January 2012 for hitting a cyclist whilst driving. In September of the same year he arrests Paddy Kirk after his fight with Marlon Dingle accidentally results in Paddy hitting Pierce's partner PC Robinson. He attends the scene of Gennie Walker's road accident and questions Debbie Dingle at the scene in relation to her death. He then escorts Debbie back to The Woolpack where the news is broken to Gennie's family.

PC Pierce later questions Debbie about a witness who had come forward saying they had noticed a dark saloon car tailgating Gennie before she had gone off the road. Debbie denies any knowledge of this, claiming she had not seen another car. The witness was later deemed unreliable.

In June 2015 he is called to Sharma & Sharma factory after Jai Sharma's car is stolen. He searches Dingle & Dingle Automotives for the car but he doesn't find it.

In April 2017, PC Pierce investigates the disappearance of Megan Macey's young daughter Eliza. It later transpires that Megan left a crying Eliza in her car, and the young woman accused of kidnapping Eliza was merely attempting to return her to her father Jai. After this information comes to light, Pierce warns Megan that Social Services will be in touch.

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