Janice 'Jan' Glover first appeared in August 1994 with her husband Ned and their children. Jan had married Ned in 1971 and the couple had three children: Dave, in 1973, Linda, in 1978 and Roy, in 1980. Jan worked as a barmaid at the Woolpack pub. In June 1996, Jan was harassed by Eric Pollard regarding a debt until Ned warned him off. Jane was devastated by the deaths of two of her children: Dave in a fire at Home Farm during Christmas 1996 and Linda in a car crash in October 1997 and this put strain on Ned and Jan's marriage, and Jan became depressed. The last straw came when Jan kidnapped baby James Tate and thought he was her late son Dave and that it was 1977 again, so Ned and Jan separated. Jan had believed James was her grandson and that Dave was the father, but James' real father turned out to be Frank Tate. Jan received psychiatric treatment after abducting baby James. Jan left the village in 1998 for a fresh start to live with her sister, June.

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