Jarvis Skelton first appeared in November 2002, and becomes a dustman. He becomes good friends with Edna Birch and Len Reynolds, and in December 2002, he researches Edna's family tree, and inadvertently reveals Edna's grandmother to have been a prostitute. In February 2003, Jarvis reveals to his lifelong dancing partner Freda Darby that he is in love with her, but she rejects him, which upsets him. Jarvis first gets a job at Tate Haulage in 2003 working for Zoe Tate. Working there, he grows close to Sam Dingle, a young member of the notorious Dingle family, and son of Zak Dingle. However, in 2004, Tate Haulage business executive frames Sam for stealing drink from Tate Haulage. Angry at Sam's unfair justice, Jarvis hands in his resignation from Tate Haulage. Jarvis then gets a job at King's Haulage, but dislikes his boss Tom King, who is also the father of Carl King, who assisted Scott Windsor in framing Sam for the stolen whiskey. In late 2005, Freda returns to the village and offers Jarvis the chance to leave Emmerdale to live with her in Spain. Jarvis accepts, and he and Freda leave Beckindale to start a new life in Spain on December 2005. The last viewers hear of Jarvis and Freda is when they send flowers to the funeral of Jarvis's good friend Len in May 2007.

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