Jason Kirk arrived on his cousin Paddy's doorstep in December 1999 after his parents had thrown him out after he had told them he was gay. Paddy had told Jason to keep this a secret as Paddy's then-in-laws, the Dingles, wouldn't take it well.

Jason later had an affair with Gavin Ferris, who had previously been engaged to Bernice Blackstock. They were found out after getting caught kissing by Bernice and Tricia Stokes.

Jason discovers a woman in labor at the side of the road, and has to help her as the ambulance wouldn't arrive in time. With some help with the 999 operator, Jason helps Latisha give birth to a healthy boy she names Kirk, as a thank you to Jason. When Latisha arrives in the village, everyone is surprised that Jason managed to help with a birth.

Jason left for Portugal on 31 January 2002, but he came back briefly in December 2002 to offer Latisha and her family jobs. Latisha, her mother Cynthia and Kirk, moved to Portugal with Jason, with Danny following in 2006.


"Excuse me, I'm looking for the vets surgery. Paddy Kirk?" (first line)

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