Jeremy "Jed" Connell was a poacher and a member of the criminal Connell family. In February 1996, Seth Armstrong confronted Jed and another poacher. They attacked Seth and left him in a field overnight. And in March 1996, they tied Nick Bates to a tree and shoved a fish in his mouth when he told them this is private land. In April 1996, Seth and Nick catch Jed and a group of poachers on Home Farm land. Jed goaded Nick in The Woolpack, and Nick threatened to kill Jed. The next day, Seth and Nick found the group poaching again on Home Farm land, resulting in Nick threatening Jed with a shotgun. Jed goaded Nick into shooting him, believing he wouldn't do it, but an infuriated Nick pulls the trigger - a move that would prove fatal for Jed.

Despite fleeing the scene, Nick was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment. Jed's death made life miserable for Nick's sister Kathy, as his family graffitied her cafe, flooded it, and even set the doors alight whilst inside with her mother Caroline and niece Alice. The Connells eventually stopped when Kathy's boyfriend Sean Rossi threatened them.

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