Jess Weston is the mature, yet scheming daughter of Phil and Anne-Marie Weston. She instantly disliked her father's new partner Maggie Calder, and did not hide this fact, opting to try and break up her father's relationship.

At Christmas, Jess visited her mother, but was late back from her break. Phil got worried and drove down to try and find her. This continued to put strain on her father's relationship.

Jess even teamed up with Nicola Blackstock to try and bring down the new family. Although she didn’t like Maggie, Jess found friends with Lucy and Craig. They got on very well together. When Jess left the village in April 2002, a few months after she arrived, after her mother turned up, everyone was sad to see her go.

Her portrayer, Ruth Abram, was one of the people who won singing competition Soapstars but the family were so negatively received that they left a few months after arriving.

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