Jessica "Jessie" McAllister arrived in the village with her family. She had been engaged to a man called Danny, but her parents disapproved of the relationship and thought Danny was undesirable. The McAllister's believed that moving to Emmerdale would put some distance between them and Jessica started dating her brother's friend Biff Fowler. Jessica was bullied at school by Tina Dingle who blamed Jessica's brother, Luke, for the death of her brother, Ben. Tina stirred things up by telling her brother Butch that Jessica was secretly in love with him. This led to Biff and Butch fighting in The Woolpack. When her parents decided to leave the village Jessica refused to go and ran off with Biff. Jessica lost her virginity to him, but later returned to her parents and went back to London with them. In April 1995, she visited Luke who had stayed behind and was outraged to discover that he and Tina were now in a relationship. Jessica rang Tina's father, Zak and told him about the relationship and he tried to force Tina to come home, but she told him he was pregnant. In June 1995, Jessica leaves the village and moves back down to London to join her parents. After Luke's death in a car crash in August 1995, Jessica made one last visit to the village to attend Luke's inquest before leaving for good.

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