Jim Gimbel was a local farmer who lived at Holly Farm in Beckindale. He was first mentioned in October 1973 by Amos Brearly when he mentioned his new motor car.

In February 1974 Jim was mentioned by Sam Pearson. In October 1974 after Joe Sugden and his new wife Christine separated after just six weeks of marriage, Joe started dating Jim's recently separated daughter Kathy. Jim disapproved of this. When Jim saw his wife Freda dancing with Matt Skilbeck at a Harvest Supper, Jim almost attacked Matt, saying he was sick of people taking advantage of his family.

In early 1975, Jim heard gossip that Kathy was seeing James Bonfils, a local teacher. Jim bad mouthed James, and him and Joe Sugden had a row in The Woolpack. Landlord Amos Brearly took a dim view of the argument in his pub.

In May 1975, Jim threw his son Martin out after an argument with him but later allowed back home. Jim felt he was being patronised by his son about how to do farming as Martin was a child. In January 1976, Jim and his wife Freda went to visit Jim's sister, offscreen.

Offscreen, in 1977, Jim became increasingly violent. He started physically abusing his children and when he raised his hand to Freda, his other son Davey defended her but Jim turned on him. Freda left Jim and the live in lover scandal of his daughter Kathy with Joe forced the depressed Jim to shoot himself. His reign of terror in Beckindale ended.

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