Jim Penn was the paramedic who treated John Francis, one of the members of Reg Dawson's gang, in May 1994 after John was involved in a car accident. Sergeant Hanway was desperate to question the barely conscious raider, but Jim protested that it was his job to treat the patient, which was more currently more important. Sergeant Hanway gave in and allowed the paramedics to take John to the hospital.

Jim was also a part of the rescue team when a lorry and a minibus collided on Main Street in March 2000. Jim rushed Butch Dingle to hospital after he suffered serious injuries but was conscious. However, Butch died a few days later from internal injuries.

Jim also rushed Tricia Dingle to hospital in January 2004 when Tricia was severely injured when The Woolpack chimney caved in and buried her in rubble. Due to the raging storm, the paramedics had to rush Tricia to hospital via helicopter, and she managed to get there. However, the next day Tricia went into cardiac arrest and was declared brain dead.

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