Jimmy Pepper is the homophobic ex-partner of Val Pollard who fathered her daughter Sharon.

Jimmy and Val had a relationship in the 70s which left Jimmy believing he was the father to both of Val's children Paul and Sharon Lambert. Despite believing that Paul was his son, Jimmy regularly allowed his sons Shane and Dane beat Paul up, often joining in himself.

Paul and Val's sister Diane Sugden bumped into Jimmy in Newcastle in 2005 where Jimmy learned he wasn't actually Paul's father. Jimmy turned up in the village and demanded Val repay him the £5,000 maintenance he paid to her towards Paul's upbringing. Val didn't have the money so she threw herself at Jimmy but he rejected her advances. He demanded that she pay up or he would beat up Paul again. Jimmy robbed Pollard's Factory and stripped it bare, even taking the kettle to try to make Val pay him his money. Val stole the takings from The Woolpack and pretended that she was mugged to pay Jimmy off.

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