John Richards was the lover of Ellen White and biological father of Chrissie White.

Due to her open marriage with husband Lawrence, Ellen was allowed to sleep with other men. However, in John's case, Ellen became infatuated with him. Not loving her back, John soon got bored of Ellen and moved to America, breaking her heart.

Ellen soon discovered she was pregnant. Lawrence and Ellen knew John was the father but it didn't matter to them though as they would act as if it was Lawrence's child. A year after daughter Chrissie's birth, Lawrence came home to find John in his living room, holding his child.

Lawrence discovered that Ellen wanted a divorce and money starting disappearing out the company account. John was just using Ellen for the money, so Lawrence confronted him and threatened him with the police. But when he too made a threat against his family and lifestyle, Lawrence had to back down. Changing his mind, he sent Ellen and Chrissie up to visit her grandmother in Scotland and reported John to the police for fraud. Lawrence was forced into hiding before the trial in fear. After a stint in prison, John was dejected. With no friends, family and no one willing to offer him a job, John locked himself in the garage and inhaling car fumes, killed himself.

In June 2017, John's brother Tim phoned in to a radio show that Lawrence had appeared on, stating that he had killed his brother.

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