Josh Hope is the son of Bob and Barbara Hope and he is also the older brother of Carly Hope.

Josh is Bob's son by his second marriage, to Barbara. He first appears in 2001, as a young teenager, when Bob visits him and his sister Carly. He returns in 2006 as an 18-year-old for his father's remarriage to Viv Hope. He only arrives, with Carly and mother Barbara, because Bob pretends to be going blind in an attempt to be reunited with his children. However, the truth soon comes out and they nearly leave the village before the wedding. However, they stay and leave after the wedding, but on good terms with Bob.

On 11th March 2015, Bob asks Carly if Josh is at her wedding. Carly tells Bob that Josh and Barbara moved to Melbourne four years earlier, and criticizes Bob for not staying in touch.

Four years before he first played Jackson Walsh, actor Marc Silcock portrayed Josh.

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