While going through marital problems, Kathy Tate meets and falls for Josh, a wine merchant who begins stopping off at The Woolpack. Kathy finds Josh is the opposite to her husband Chris and they begin an affair. Kathy later agrees to run away with Josh. While on his way to pick up Kathy, a plane strikes the village and Josh finds his way blocked. He helps to repair a damaged bridge, which allows the fire and ambulance services to reach the village. Josh gains the respect many of the residents for helping out. When he reaches the village, Josh notices Kathy's concern for Chris who is trapped in some wreckage. He realises their plan to run away together is over and he goes to her house to hide her cases and remove her farewell note. Josh is spotted by a police officer and detained by him, until Zoe Tate vouches for his identity. Josh later leaves the village alone.

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