An unnamed Judge was to preside over the trial of Kim and Steve Marchant in January 1999. Kim's Barrister told the Judge that Kim has yet to arrive. The judge issued an entry warrant to Kim's house Home Farm, but Kim had already left on a helicopter with her infant son James. In April 2004, the judge concluded that Charity Tate's conviction for murdering her late husband Chris should be quashed. In May 2007, the same judge presided over Jimmy, Matthew and Carl King's plea hearing for conspiring to murder their father Tom. All three of the brothers pleaded not guilty. After an adjournment, the judge ruled that the case should be dismissed as there wasn't enough evidence to go to a trial. In May 2011, the judge presided over the trial of Derek Benrose for raping Lisa Dingle and a woman named Claire Aston. Derek was found guilty of raping Claire, but not Lisa. In August 2016, the judge remanded Andy Sugden in custody after he plead not guilty to attempting to murder Lawrence White the previous month. Three months later, Lawrence's actual shooter, grandson Lachlan, was in court for the shooting but during proceedings, the fire alarm went off. Lachlan pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody until his trial.

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