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Judy Westrop is the daughter of former NY Estates manager Maurice Westrop.

Judy first arrived in the village under the order of her father, Maurice. She was previously working as a Textile Engineer and living at a flat in Halifax when she had fallen pregnant. Her boyfriend had deserted her as soon as he found out. Thinking an abortion would solve her problems, Judy got rid of the child expecting her boyfriend would return to her. He didn't however, and Judy quickly turned to alcohol in an effort to dull her problems. Finding her in a bad way in Halifax, Maurice drove her to Beckindale whilst she was in one of her drunken stupors.

Upon her arrival in the village, her behaviour didn't improve and she was soon found slumped over the steering wheel of her car by Matt Skilbeck on one occasion and had to be bought to the farm by Joe Sugden on another occasion after being sick in a bar in Connelton. Sam Pearson heard that Judy once had an abortion so he judged her because of this as he did not believe is abortions. Judy eventually realised she needed help for her drinking and began treatment for acute depression. She returned to the village shortly afterwards and began helping Annie Sugden with the running of the farmhouse in repayment for her kindness.

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