Julie Bramhope was a friend of Archie Brooks. She was a single mother and later became the girlfriend of Archie's best friend, Nick Bates. She and daughter Rebecca - a similar age to Nick's own daughter Alice - began spending more and more time together at Demdyke, but this domestic bliss was thwarted when Rebecca's dad, Barry, came round one day demanding access to Rebecca. Julie was initially reticent, but gradually offscreen relations between Julie and Barry improved. At the same time, Nick was under strain when Alice's estranged mother, Elsa, came back on the scene, herself wanting renewed access to Alice. These conflicting tensions began to cause arguments between Nick and Julie, which came to a head when she told him she and Rebecca were going to spend Christmas with Barry, rather than with him and Alice as planned. In a heated exchange at The Woolpack, Nick and Julie agreed to stop seeing each other 'for a while', though in reality this became permanent.

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