Juliette Holliday is the mother of Jimmy King's son Carl. Carl was conceived after a mix up at the fertility clinic meant that the wrong man's sperm was used.

Juliette arrived in Emmerdale looking for Jimmy so he could sign papers that waived his rights to their unborn child. She went into labour at Jimmy's house, Mill Cottage, and gave birth to her son with Nicola's assistance. She named the boy Carl, unaware that it was the name of one of Jimmy's late brothers. Juliette initially allowed Jimmy access but stopped when her estranged husband Greg said he wanted to give things another go and be a family. Nicola guilt tripped Juliette into allowing Jimmy to say a proper goodbye to baby Carl but when Juliette arrived at Mill Cottage to collect him, Nicola ran away with him. Nicola returned Carl to Juliette and Jimmy persuaded her not to press charges against Nicola.

In late 2015 Greg left Juliette again. Juliette struggled to look after Carl alone and in January 2016 Jimmy phoned to see how Carl was doing. Juliette left Carl with Jimmy, who agreed to look after him while Juliette put her life back together. The following month, Jimmy and Nicola phoned Juliette to sort parental responsibility for Jimmy. Juliette agreed and Nicola sent her away with food, to ensure she was taking care of herself.

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