Dr Jyoti Pattani reviewed 'pregnant' Chloe Atkinson's ultrasound scans in January 2005 after she fell down the stairs. Dr Pattani noted Chloe wasn't pregnant at the time of the fall and doubted she ever had been.

In January 2006, Dr Pattani looked after looked after pregnant cancer suffer Alice Wilson. Following a thirty-week scan that showed Alice's unborn child was small, Dr Pattani assured Alice and her partner, Sam Dingle, that they would be monitoring Alice more closely for the reminder of the pregnancy. The following week, Alice felt unwell so was sent for another scan which revealed the baby's placenta wasn't functioning as well as it should and the baby was showing signs of distress. Dr Pattani informed Alice they needed to act quickly and recommended a cesarean section. Subsequently, Dr Pattani delivered Sam and Alice's son, Samson.

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