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Kasim Sabet is the ex-boyfriend of Finn Barton.

In October 2016, Kasim got caught up in the Hotten Bypass Crash during which Finn Barton managed to open the unconscious victim's van door and helped him. After the crash, Finn visited comatosed Kasim in hospital as no one was able to trace any of his family. Finn began visiting Kasim regularly, and talked to the unconscious stranger about what was happening in his life, such as dealing with his father James' death. Due to him visiting regularly, the nurses assumed Finn was Kasim's boyfriend, and Finn didn't correct them. In late November, Kasim's medication was lowered to bring him out of the coma, although he suffered an arrest due to his potassium levels. Whilst Finn was anxiously waiting for news on Kasim's condition, Finn's brother Pete revealed to a nurse that Finn didn't know Kasim, and subsequently Finn was barred from learning which hospital Kasim had been transferred to.

In early December 2016, with the help of his mother Emma who was a nurse, Finn managed to find out which hospital Kasim was in and went to visit him, but Kasim has been discharged. Meanwhile, Kasim had read about the stranger who saved his life in the paper, and arrived in Emmerdale hoping to track them down. Kasim booked into the The Grange and discovered it was Finn who saved him. Finn and Kasim talked for hours and Kasim revealed he has just split from his cheating boyfriend at the time of the crash and that he hadn't seen his family in years. The following day, Kasim invited Finn to lunch at The Woolpack. Pete insisted Finn had to tell Kasim the truth about visiting him at the hospital. Kasim called round to Dale View where Finn tried to tell him the truth, but the pair ended up kissing. Emma agreed to keep Finn visiting Kasim a secret but Pete accidentally revealed the truth to shocked Kasim who told Finn he'd only be gone briefly, only to make a quick exit back to the B&B. The next day he planned to leave, but Finn's friend Tracy Shankley booked him with the Barton Brothers Taxis service. Finn decided not to try to get him to stay, but Emma got into his cab before he could leave, convincing him to give Finn another chance. Kasim ultimately decided to stay, and he and Finn got together.

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