Kathy's Diner (formerly The Old School Tearooms and Pollard's Wine Bar) was a tea rooms set up by Kathy Tate in 1995 at the old School House then known as "The Old School Tearooms" which she set up with the divorce settlement from Chris Tate.

In 1996, businessman Eric Pollard persuaded Kathy to go into business with him and turns her tea rooms into a wine bar at night. Kathy then took on Marlon Dingle as a chef, which is when he first showed his cooking skills.

In August 1998 Eric threatened to burn down the wine bar and himself but was talked out of it by Marlon. After pulling himself together, on 13th August 1998 Eric signed over the wine bar to Kathy who knew nothing of the drama that unfolded on her premises. Soon after Kathy refurbished the place with an American theme and renamed it "Kathy's Diner".

Whilst Kathy was away from the diner a bit in 1999 she left Marlon to look after it only for him to be he sacked when she discovered he had changed the menu and décor, and employed Sarah Sugden.

In October 2000, Eric was interested in buying the diner. Hearing his plans, Marlon wanted to do the same but didn't know where to get the money. He convinced Chris to invest in the business and impressed Kathy with his well-presented business plan and agreed to a joint venture. The business officially opened in December 2000 under the name of Chez Marlon. The building was eventually turned into St. Mary's Church after Zoe Tate burned the original church down in July 2002.


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