Kayleigh Gibbs was a friend of Victoria Sugden.

Kayleigh first appears in March 2005, attending Victoria's birthday party. The character is not seen again until October that same year, when she attends a karate class alongside Victoria. During the class, Victoria and Kayleigh notice a spark between Kayleigh's dad, Martin Crowe and Louise Appleton, who is chaperoning Victoria. Martin and Louise go on a date, however, the pair later fall out when Martin discovers that Louise has Kayleigh and Victoria to wander off with Daz Eden, who frightens them with ghost stories. Louise and Martin eventually make up and begin a proper relationship.

Kayleigh develops a crush on Daz Eden and seems oblivious to the fact that he does not feel the same way about her. Kayleigh is left devastated when Daz rejects her for Debbie Dingle, leading to Louise talking to Kayleigh about relationships.

In January 2006, Martin and Kayleigh move in with Louise and Kayleigh begins appearing more frequently.

In August 2006, Martin finds out that Louise once killed a man, and decides he cannot stay with her, so he and Kayleigh move out. He does not tell Kayleigh the real reason why he has left Louise, and months later, she returns and asks Louise why they split up. Louise lies and says things just did not work out and Kayleigh, not believing her, says she never wants to see her again.

Although she no longer lives in the village, Kayleigh is still friends with Victoria and appears with her. Together they have sneaked into clubs, and egged the post office, causing a pregnant Viv Hope to collapse. In November 2008, Victoria and Kayleigh get money off various people in order to buy tickets to a New Year's Party, and in December, is seen when Aaron Livesy is bullying Victoria.

Kayleigh next appears in November 2009 and is involved in a bullying story with Hannah Barton. Kayleigh took a disliking to Victoria being friends with Hannah and sent her insulting text messages. After Hannah told her parents what had been going on, they confronted Victoria, believing her to be just as involved as Kayleigh. Victoria promised that she would ask Kayleigh to lay off Hannah. However, the following day, she came home from school covered in cuts and bruises having got into a fight with Kayleigh. Victoria ended her friendship with Kayleigh and she hasn't been seen since.

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