Keepers Cottage is the current home of Victoria Barton and her friend Amy Wyatt.


Keepers Cottage was, along with most Main Street buildings, built in the 1700s. In 1953 Norman Edgar and Joyce Edgar resided there followed by postmistress Miss Ellis. In 1995 the house was bought by Biff Fowler and rented to Seth Armstrong and Betty Eagleton who lived there for many years. In 2003, Seth went on an extended holiday to Australia and never returned to the village.

Victoria Barton bought the cottage from Betty Eagleton at a cut price in 2012 on the condition that she and Alan Turner stayed there rent-free for as long as they wanted. Alan died in his sleep in October 2013 and Betty kept on staying in the house between her travels but permanently moved to Australia in May 2015

In July 2016, Gabby Thomas and her best friend Liv Flaherty broke into Keepers Cottage and stole Victoria's dresses. However, Victoria arrived and Gabby and Liv make a run. Gabby nearly got caught when Victoria attacked her in a hood but managed to get away.

In March 2018, stuffing with brain damage, Rebecca nearly burns down Keepers Cottage whilst going out to get pain medication, accidentally leaving her son Seb on his own. Later, Aaron Dingle breaks into the house, saves Seb and manages to stop the house from burning down.

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