The King family have appeared in Emmerdale since 2004.

Originally the family consisted of Tom King and his three sons, Jimmy, Matthew and Carl, however, now it is composed of Jimmy, his wife Nicola and children Elliot, Angelica and Carl.



The original King family consisted of patriarch Tom King and his three oldest sons, Jimmy, Matthew and Carl King who arrived in the village in early 2004.

In early 2005, the fourth King brother Max King arrived in the village for Tom's ill-fated wedding to Charity Tate. Max was the black sheep of his family and did not work for the family business King & Sons like his brothers. Max was tragically killed in a car crash in October 2005.

In 2006, Tom had invested in some land and built The Kings River House, which was being used for Marlon Dingle and Donna Windsor's engagement party, but unknown to Tom, Sadie King had Cain Dingle smash a gas pipe in a revenge plot, that Jimmy had recently fixed. On the day of the engagement party, the house exploded, killing Bob Hope's daughter Dawn Woods, pensioner Noreen Bell and estate agent David Brown. The Kings received the blame for the explosion and Jimmy was arrested.

On 25th December 2006, Tom marries Rosemary Sinclair but after the ceremony, he is murdered by a mysterious figure who pushes him from the balcony. His sons and his new wife are all suspects until in May 2007, Carl finally admitted that he was the one who murdered his father after Tom had given him an ultimatum to split up with his girlfriend Chas Dingle or lose his multimillion-pound inheritance. Carl hit him over the head with a bronze horse's head statue, and as Tom clung on to him, he pushed him away. This made him fall out of his bedroom window to his death.

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