Kirin Kotecha is the son of Rakesh Kotecha and the biological father of Johnny Woodfield.


2014: Arrival in EmmerdaleEdit

Kirin arrived in the village when his father Rakesh Kotecha invited him to stay over at his house in Victoria Cottage. Vanessa Woodfield receives a surprise when she sees Rakesh's son arriving and realises that the person she copped off with last night was him, and she is even more disgusted when she learns that he lied about his age and that he is actually only 17-years-old. The following day, when Vanessa realises that she slept with a 17-year-old, she plans to confront Kirin. Vanessa finds an excuse to catch Kirin on his own in the cottage and confronts him.


Despite the 21 year age gap, they agree to continue their relationship. Vanessa learns she is pregnant, and Kirin is later revealed to be the father of baby Johnny Woodfield. In February 2016, Kirin accidentally kills Tess Harris in a hit and run, while he was drunk driving. Kirin then decides to go on the run, by fleeing to Europe, then onwards to South America.

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