Tara Thornfield (née Cockburn, previously Lady Oakwell) was famous for "stirring up trouble" amongst the villagers. Tara was the first resident of Oakwell Hall which has since been occupied by Rosemary Sinclair. She was initially known for being the fiance, then wife, of Lord Alex Oakwell, oblivious to his affair with Kim Tate. After he fled the country (returning only to rob her), she took much of the village heat for his crimes, including the death of Linda Fowler. She purchased Home Farm from Zoe Tate when Zoe was experiencing financial difficulties. This angered Zoe and also Zoe's brother Chris. She then began a passionate affair with Biff Fowler, Linda's widower, who was working as her chauffeur. The death of Alex, as well as her father, hit her with death duties two times over, meaning she had to sell off properties, including a number of homes in the village. She became unpopular for evicting a lot of people from their property - this also cost her Biff, as she had unwittingly had him serve an eviction notice to his dear friends Betty Eagleton and Seth Armstrong. Tara and Biff went back and forth over their feelings, with much anguish, but ultimately she decided to marry the very rich Lord Michael Thornfield.

Tara returned several years later, soon with a large divorce settlement from Michael, and resumed her horse business at Home Farm. She began a torrid affair with Sean Reynolds; she eventually gave into her feelings for Sean and they drove off into the sunset together to set up a new life in Cheshire.

Tara returned to the village one last time for Len Reynolds's funeral, along with Marc Reynolds. Viewers have since learned she married Sean.

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