Latisha Daggert is Cynthia Daggert’s oldest child. She was found on the side of the road by Jason Kirk, who had to deliver the baby. Latisha left her boyfriend Paul after he hit her. After her son was born, Latisha named him Kirk after Jason. Later in 2001, the Daggerts squatted in a house, owned by Ray Mullan.

Latisha's friendship with Jason continued to grow, even though Paul caused a fight at Kirk's christening. Jason left in January 2002. After Jason left, Latisha noticed that Cain Dingle liked her. They started getting into trouble, with Latisha ending up in severe debt to Charity Tate after she and Cain stole one of her credit cards. Cynthia was not happy when she found out and told Charity. Cain left Latisha to pay the bill, but when he returned to the village, she went back to him.

Latisha got herself in even more trouble when she was caught stealing a present for Kirk's first birthday. Her mother kicked her out, and Latisha moved in with the Dingles'. Lisa tried to get Cynthia and Latisha talking again and planned a day out for the Dingle and Daggert families. Latisha went shopping with Danny and Cynthia, and while they were distracted, slipped a pair of sunglasses into Kirk's pushchair. She then left the pushchair with Cynthia, leaving Cynthia to take the blame. Cynthia said that she had taken the sunglasses. After her relationship with Cain deteriorated, because of Cain's feelings for Angie Reynolds, Latisha moved back in with Danny and Cynthia after telling Angie about Cain and herself splitting up. Angie later died in a car crash.

In December 2002, Jason returned to the village and asked Latisha if she, Kirk and her family would move to Lisbon with him, where he was going to work as a DJ. After a lot of consideration, Latisha decided to leave with Jason, taking Kirk with her and persuading Cynthia to go too but Danny decided to stay with Ollie Reynolds in Emmerdale.

Latisha returned to the village in August 2006. She persuaded Danny to move to Portugal and live with the family there. She also taught Cain a painful lesson in the Woolpack.

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