Lee Posner is Victoria Barton's rapist and the father of her unborn baby.

Lee and Victoria met on a night out in April 2019. The pair hit it off so they decided to get a taxi and head onto another club. However, on the way there, the taxi driver threw them out of his cab so Lee walked Victoria home instead. After arriving at Victoria's house, Lee asked Victoria to invite him inside which Victoria reluctantly did. After talking for a while, Victoria decided to call it a night so she ordered Lee to call another taxi, then she headed upstairs to get ready for bed. Lee followed Victoria upstairs and raped her.

A few weeks after the rape, Victoria confided in Moira Dingle about her ordeal, and with Moira's support, Victoria reported the rape to the police. Lee was brought in for questioning but he claimed the sex was consensual, and as Victoria had left it so long to report the attack, there was no physical evidence so the case against Lee was dropped.

Victoria's brother, Robert Sugden, was furious that Lee was getting away with attacking his sister so he and his husband, Aaron Dingle, paid Lee a visit at the car showroom where he worked and attempted to to get him to confess but Lee denied the allegations and called Victoria a cheap tart. The following day, Aaron and Robert plastered hundreds of posters branding Lee a rapist around the car showroom. Despite knowing Aaron and Robert were responsible for the posters, evil Lee called the police and pointed the finger at Victoria.

Lee subsequently lost his job due to the posters, so he and his mother, Wendy, paid Victoria a visit and demanded she stopped lying. Whilst confronting Victoria, Lee and Wendy discovered Victoria was pregnant with Lee's baby. 

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